Deadly Weapons Insurance Web Portal

The purpose of this Deadly Weapons Protection Insurance Website is to provide timely information to agents, brokers, and insureds regarding violence exposures, the available violence risk management and transfer options.

As we see every day in the news, violence is a constant in our society. As such, it is a known exposure that all insureds have an obligation to mitigate. The Breaking News Feed on this website provides access to violence news as it happens.

We will be adding on this website new features, training, and tools going forward.

Violence is a known insurable risk that every insured faces. As a result, every insured must be offered violence insurance coverage if the agents and the insureds’ boards wants to avoid an Errors and Omissions (E&O) or Directors and Officers (D&O) exposures. Waiting or hoping for after the fact General Liability (GL) coverage is not best practice.

This type of violence coverage, depending on the carrier, is referred to as Deadly Weapons Protection Insurance, Active Shooter, or Active Assailant coverage.  For simplicity, we will use the term ‘deadly weapons’ on this website, which will incorporate by reference all of these policies.

Regardless of the name, these policies seek to provide needed coverage to an organization that experiences an event of violence involving an instrument used as a weapon. A weapon can be a gun, a vehicle, a bomb, etc.

Some insurance policies have adopted best practices and evolved to the point where they are truly preventative in nature. They offer a combination of risk management and insurance, providing immediate value to every insured.

Policies that don’t have prevention services in place leave the insured exposed.

We are regularly confronted with school shootings, violence in the workplace, and other types of situations that put our lives, our families, our employees, our customers, our businesses, and our assets at risk.

Every year there are over two million reported incidents of workplace violence and a similar number of reported incidents of bullying in our schools.  Many more incidents go unreported, with numbers estimated to be as high as another 40%.

There is no entity that is immune to this exposure, as what they all have in common is people. People are both our greatest asset and our greatest liability.

Every entity without exception needs deadly weapons insurance.

If if you have questions, Please reach out to us.